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1 in 3 people will get cancer in their lifetime. Will it be you, a friend, or a loved one?

Maybe not, if we battle cancer together.

AACR Runners for Research, a program benefitting the American Association for Cancer Research, needs your help in the fight against cancer. The AACR’s scientists work in labs, fighting back against ALL of the more than 200 adult and pediatric diseases called cancer. We've given away over $545 million in grants to fund the best cancer research in the world, with a goal of ending cancer, once and for all.

Our runners represent a diverse group of survivors, advocates, researchers, and those wishing to honor or memorialize a loved one. From novice runners to seasoned athletes, Runners for Research team members have all turned to running in some way: some to cope with their disease and regain a feeling of bodily autonomy, others to contribute meaningfully through funds in a situation they feel otherwise powerless to combat.

Join us in our mission, and make your miles mean more!

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