I am really pleased to have been selected to run the 2024 New York City Marathon with the Runners for Research team at the American Association of Cancer Research.

As you may well know, one in two people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. In recent years, I've lost close friends and family members to cancer, as well as seeing others receive life-saving treatment. I'm running in New York for all of them.

In 2006 I ran the London marathon, and took on Belfast in 2009 - both citites that have been home to me. In choosing to take on the challenge again 15 years later I've looked to New York - my favourite city in the world. It's a tough one - the New York Times calls is 'a brutally challenging course that crosses five bridges and five boroughs', but I'm hoping the sights of the city and the cheers of my friends who live in NYC will bring me home. 

I’ll be sharing much more of my training experiences and progress in the coming months - watch this space! 

Right now, I would be so grateful for your support.  We need you to help create a world of increased innovation and discovery, more research and less cancer. The AACR Runners for Research will raise awareness, help others and advance knowledge on over 200 types of cancer.