I am running the 10-mile (16KM) Broad Street Run to raise $2500 and support faster and broader collaboration among cancer researchers.  Please support me and donate to AACR (American Association for Cancer Research), one of the premier global organizations which facilitates cooperation and knowledge sharing on over 200 types of cancers.  Hopefully, this work will lead to new discoveries and better treatments for people living with cancer.  

I have spent the last 18+ years working in oncology and while the advances in the field have been remarkable, we are entering a new era where advances in personalized healthcare are likely to lead to significant breakthroughs.  

One AACR's initiatives which I am hopeful will lead to new discoveries is Project Genie.  "AACR Project GENIE is a publicly accessible international cancer registry of real-world data assembled through data sharing between 19 of the leading cancer centers in the world."  The "registry aggregates, harmonizes, and links clinical-grade, next-generation cancer genomic sequencing data with clinical outcomes obtained during routine medical practice from cancer patients treated at these institutions."  see more information at: (https://www.aacr.org/professionals/research/aacr-project-genie/).