This November, I will be celebrating two years being cancer free! As a two-time cancer survivor, I invite you to join me in my first indoor cycling ride…Revolutions for Research! 

I was fortunate enough to have amazing friends, family, followers (and of course my doctors and nurses) to get me through my darkest days. I intend to pay it forward...and I hope you’ll join me.

Though I am known publicly as the secret weapon behind many beauty campaigns, this campaign is one of the most powerful and meaningful to me. I'm so grateful to be back to myself - touring the globe, being creative and doing what I love. I couldn't have done it alone, and I couldn't have done it without the very scientific breakthroughs in cancer treatment and prevention that the AACR supports. 

Knowledge saves lives.

Ride with me! To fight the more than 200 types of childhood and adult cancer.
Ride with me! To help spread the word about cancer research and clinical trials.
Ride with me! To support more than 44,000 scientists and researchers in 120 countries.

Ride with me! On December 7th in Philadelphia by registering HERE! or make a donation towards my ride that supports the AACR below or linked here at RIDEWITHLIBERTY!



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