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Minorities in Cancer Research (MICR)

Minorities in Cancer Research (MICR) is a group within the AACR committed to preventing and curing cancer while meeting the professional needs and advancing the careers of minority scientists. MICR consists of nearly 7,000 members interested in exploring ways to increase the number, participation, visibility, and recognition of minority scientists in the cancer research field and within AACR.

To facilitate its mission, MICR meets the needs of minority scientists by:

  • developing programs that address the professional needs of minority scientists in cancer research;
  • providing diversity in the field and within the AACR’s membership, programs, committees, and leadership;
  • addressing the disparities in cancer incidence and mortality faced by minorities and the medically underserved;
  • advocating for relevant, effective legislation pertaining to science and public policy in consultation with the Science Policy and Legislative Affairs Committee; and
  • assuming other such roles as are deemed necessary or appropriate to MICR’s mission.